IHLL Credit Policy

The principal object of India Home Loans Ltd. (IHLL) is transacting the business of providing long term finance for housing. The objective of this Credit Policy is to lay down systems, procedures and parameters for providing finance to Individuals and/or persons for construction and/or purchase and/or repair and/or development of a house for residential purpose. A long term loan for housing is called herein after in this policy as a ‘housing loan’, while the other loan granted on the mortgage of a residential house is called a ‘Loan against the Property’. It also covers the policy of providing finance to builders in respect of their projects for constructing residential......... Read More

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IHLL Accounting Policy

The Accounting Policy of India Home Loans Ltd. (IHLL) will be as hereunder:

Accounting Convention

IHLL will prepare its accounts in accordance with historical cost convention, applicable Accounting Standards notified under the Companies (Accounting Standards) Rules, 2006, the,....Read More

System Of Accounting

IHLL shall adopt the accrual concept in the preparation of its accounts. The Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss account of IHLL will....Read More


Assets and liabilities will be recorded at historical cost and the costs will not be adjusted to reflect the changing value in the purchasing....Read More


Housing loans of IHLL will be repaid over a period of time. Repayment of housing loans will generally be by way of Equated....Read More

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IHLL Fair Practice Code_IHLL_FPC

Fair Practices Code Of India Home Loan Limited (IHLL).


This Fair Practice Code has been formulated by India Home Loan Limited (IHLL) pursuant to the Guidelines issued by ....Read More

Objectives of the Code:

To promote good and fair practices by setting minimum standards in dealings with customers.....Read More


To be applicable to all the persons who are offered the products and services of IHLL as an employee or other wise in any manner and/or by any mode......Read More

IHLL’s Commitment to Customers:

Act fairly and reasonably with customers by following all ethical principles and integrity and transparency......Read More

Asset Liability Management And Risk Management System

The Chairman placed before the Board the revised guidelines on the Asset Liability Management and Risk Management (ALM&RM) System issued by the National Housing Bank (NHB) for introduction of the system in all Housing Finance Companies (HFCs). On the lines of NHB’s guidelines, a comprehensive ALM&RM Policy has been prepared by India Home Loans Ltd. (IHLL) and the policy so prepared, has been placed before the Board of Directors of IHLL (the Board) for approval. A proposal for constitution of an Asset Liability Committee (ALCO) was also placed before the Board for approval. After discussion, the Board approved the comprehensive ALM&RM Policy for introduction.
The Board has also approved the proposal for constituting an ALCO comprising of the following members:

Mr. Maheshbhai Pujara

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. R. Ganesh


Mr. Rushabh Yagnik

General Manager

Asset Liability Management and Risk Management Policy of IHLL

The guidelines for introduction of ALM system by housing finance companies (HFCs) was issued by the National Housing Bank (NHB) vide circular NHB (ND)/HFC (DRSREG)/ALM/1407 /2002 dated June 28, 2002. Since the operations of HFCs also give rise to Asset Liability mismatches and interest rate risk exposures, it was decided to introduce an ALM system for HFCs, as part of their overall system for effective risk management in their various portfolios. Considering the recent international developments and the corresponding concerns regarding the enhanced systemic risk associated with the activities of the HFCs, NHB has revised the guidelines......Read More

Investment Policy

While exercising the power to invest, consideration needs to be given to preservation of capital, liquidity, and the return of investment


Preservation of capital is the principal objective of the investment portfolio. Investments are to be performed in a manner that seeks to ensure security and safeguarding the investment portfolio. This includes managing credit and interest rate risk within identified threshold and parameters.


The investment portfolio will ensure there is sufficient liquidity to meet all reasonably anticipated cash flow requirements, as and when they fall due, without incurring significant costs due to the unanticipated sale of an investment.


The investment is expected to achieve a predetermined market average rate of return that takes into account the Company’s risk tolerance. Any additional return target set by Company will also consider the risk limitation and prudent investment principles. .......Read More

IHLL Operations

India Home Loan Ltd. (IHLL) offers, among others, retail home loan products for affordable housing segment to the people belonging to weaker section and lower income group. Under this product loans are offered to the customers for Purchase of home, home improvement, home extension and for construction of a dwelling unit on an owned plot of land. This operations manual provides an overview of the Target Group (TG) of customers, the risks in lending to the TG and the approach to underwriting loans to this segment. It also contains the product policy, processes and formats to be applied for the home loans offered by IHLL........Read More

know your customer (KYC) and anti money laundering (AML) policy of india home loan limited (IHLL):

National Housing Bank (NHB) has issued guidelines on Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) vide its circular bearing NHB/ND/DRS/POL- No. 33/2010-11 dated October 11, 2010 advising Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) to ensure that a proper policy framework on ‘Know Your Customer’ and ‘Anti-Money Laundering Measures’ is put in place and to follow certain customer identification processes for opening of accounts and monitoring transactions of suspicious nature keeping in view the possibility of the use of money through these accounts for criminal and other unlawful purposes for which a new legislation namely Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002 has been framed. HFCs were required to frame their own KYC & AML policy keeping in view the broad guidelines circulated by NHB in this regard, and implement the same after seeking the requisite Board approval. Accordingly, India Home Loans Limited (“Company”) has framed the following KYC & AML Policy.........Read More

Recovery Policy

Management of non-performing assets (NPAs) and recovery of impaired loan assets has got significance and importance as it has a direct impact on the company’s income/ profitability. National Housing Bank (NHB) has advised that a housing finance company (HFC) should formulate its own policy on the recovery of its loans. Such a policy would enable HFC to take suitable steps for monitoring asset quality, taking timely action to prevent deterioration in asset quality, arresting the trend of NPAs and help in the recovery of its loans including the impaired ones. As advised by NHB, the recovery policy is required to be in consonance with the directions and/or guidelines issued by NHB from time to time. In view of the guidelines and the directions issued by NHB in this regard, the Recovery Policy of India Home Loans Ltd (IHLL).....Read More